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favouritexsmile's Journal

15 April 1991
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I'm Becca. People constantly misjudge because i never reveal my true feelings. I might appear loud but i'm actually really shy when it comes to letting people get to know me.
I'm creating a blog because i can share my feelings without showing the people i know. I find it much easier that way.
In September i'll finally be moving away from my home town and staring a whole new life at a military college.I'm in love with the military lifestyle and its the only time i'm ever myself and find it easy to make friends. My ultimate goal is to become an engineering officer in The RAF :].
Recently, my grandpa died, i left school and my boyfriend moved to New Zealand. This has left me feeling pretty alone. However, i'm counting down the days untill i move away and in a few months my time spent here will only be a memory :].
Don't bother to try and correct my spelling/grammar. I'm passing GCSE English with flying colours which is good enough for me! :P